Process Safety Training

A confluence of factors such as aging workforces, attrition and lack of skilled workers have required companies in the process and extractive industries to focus on developing and retaining employees with the knowledge and experience to manage process safety and operational risk effectively. While these companies understand that a robust learning and development initiative is essential to achieving this, few employ a structured approach. However, by creating an institutionalized learning and development program designed to build and sustain foundational knowledge and skills within the area of process safety, companies would be able to increase the safety of their operations, while also improving productivity, cost efficiency and quality.

PSM: Overview

Explore the importance of Process Safety Management (PSM) in this course.

PSM: Process Technology

Help employees understand how the implementation of Process Safety Information (PSI) affects PSM.

PSM: Quality Assurance

Take a look at the process of Quality Assurance (QA) and how its implementation affects process safety.

PSM: Process Hazard Analysis

Explore Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and how it affects process safety.

PSM: Emergency Planning & Response

Review the elements of Emergency Response Planning (ERP) and how it links to PSM.

PSM: Mechanical Integrity

Show employees how Mechanical Integrity (MI) requirements help improve process safety.

PSM: Pre-Startup Safety Review

Help employees understand the consequences of not following the Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR).

PSM: Operating Procedures & Safe Practices

Give employees a basic understanding of Operating Procedures and Safe Practices (OS&SP) as they relate to process safety.

PSM: Contractor Safety

Explore the importance of Contractor Safety Management (CSM) as part of PSM.

PSM: Auditing

Help employees understand why PSM Auditing is vital to safe process operations.

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