Instrumentation Training

Basic Process Control 9–Part Series

Covers the principles and concepts of process control, calibration, replacement, repair adjustment, and troubleshooting.
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Continuous Process Control 4–Part Series

Provides an overview of the principles of automatic process control as they apply to continuous processes in order to achieve the goals of safety, product quality, and process economy.
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Calibration & Test Equipment 6–Part Series

Covers the calibration and use of process control test equipment.
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Control Valves & Actuators 4–Part Series

Provides training on the different types of control valves and actuators, choosing the correct types, sizing, and installation procedures.
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Electronic Maintenance 12–Part Series

Introduces the concepts and devices associated with solid-state electronic circuitry and the components associated with process control and integrated circuitry.
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Process Measurement 8–Part Series

Helps students understand in detail the principles of temperature, pressure, level, and flow and identify the equipment for measuring each.
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Smart Digital Instrumentation 4–Part Series

Helps students understand HART protocol, the applications and day-to-day use of HART Smart field devices, and the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication model.
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Fine-tune your instrumentation training with the help of DuPont Sustainable Solutions' online courses. Produced in conjunction with the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society (ISA), these industrial instrumentation training courses are designed to help technicians grasp underlying process control concepts, perform various control procedures, operate test and measurement equipment, and troubleshoot various devices involved in process control.

This comprehensive instrumentation control training is designed to help technicians enhance their skill and accuracy as they help regulate the processes vital to your operations. From process variables and instrumentation symbols to valves and analyzers, our courses help educate employees and students on key aspects of process control and measurement.

Browse our instrumentation and process control training today - and be sure to take advantage of our free online previews!