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  • SKU: G20010-DVO-ENG
  • Format: DVD
  • Language: English
  • Length: 12 minutes

Blueprint Reading: Pulley Bar (DVD)

Product Description:

Blueprint Reading: Pulley Bar (Basic) is part one of the Blueprint Reading three-part training series.

Determining the sequence of machining operations is the responsibility of the machinist. This course demonstrates how to identify dimensions and other vital characteristics of the part to be produced and the various machining operations to be performed.

Course objectives include:

  • List the safety rules that must be kept in mind during all layout and machining steps
  • Identify from orthographic and isometric view blueprints the dimensions and characteristics of a part
  • Describe the procedures for transferring the dimensions from a blueprint to a workpiece
  • Identify required machining operations from a blueprint
  • List an effective sequence of the required machining steps.

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